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The Wave- Yoga retreat


Faran, Israel

Yoga is a time to move inside, touch something new and unexpected.

Time to listen to our inner world and time to open to the beauty around.

Time that expands and widens, delicately: we will pick up the blossoms.

"Movement is the song of the body, This song, if you care to listen to it, is beauty. 

We could say it is part of nature and the body goes with it like a wave in the sea".

Vanda Scaravelli, Awakening The Spine


As we let go of ambition and holding, when naturally connected to Earth and Sky, there comes a joyful ripple that rolls from feet to head and from head to feet.

It brings vitality, awakening and discoveries, endless freedom to be transferred to different postures and Asanas. The same beautiful wave can accompany and enlighten our time while sitting and breathing.

During the retreat together, in Faran, for these three days, we will prepare the ground for the very subtle oscillation, wave-like movement, to step in and support our practice. The unfolding of the body will go along with the unfolding of the breath supported by a slow and meditative approach.

Exploring the wave, with infinite time at our disposal, in all possible yoga positions and breathing rhythms will bring us closer to it.

The sessions will incorporate some Feldenkrais movements towards facilitating a playful and different experience of yoga positions.

The retreat will be held in Faran, Israel, at Rotem's- desert hospitality in the heart of the Arava, on Thursday, March 9th at 17:00 till Saturday, March 11th at 14:00.

All content will be in English!

The weekend includes:

3 hours morning practices and 2 hours afternoon practices (4 classes)

Vegan healthy food (6 meals) by Ariel Hertz

Small group, up to 15 participants.

Rooms of 4. There is an option for a double or a single room with extra cost.



Sandra Sabatini, lives in Italy, started her years of studying yoga with Dona Holleman in 1975 and began teaching two years later in her studio. Seven years later she was accepted by Vanda Scaravelli as one of her few private students for 17 years and has been her teacher ever since.

The meeting with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh years later had a profound impact in her practice and teaching.

Sandra wrote 4 books : Breath The Essence of Yoga, Autumn Spring Summer Winter Yoga Through the Seasons, Like a Flower - My years of studying with Vanda Scaravelli, The whole Body Breathing - with Michal. 

Sandra has been teaching yoga in Florence and around the world for 45 years.

To get to know Sandras approach, check her website and recorded session:

Sandras website

Recorded sessions

Michal Havkin, lives in Israel, started studying yoga with Sandra Sabatini after 30 years of dancing Contemporary Dance and teaching it in Europe. Michal studied Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement method and Buddhism as well. Wrote the book - The whole Body Breathing - with Sandra. She has been teaching, in the past 20 years, in Tel-Aviv and retreats and workshops with Sandra.











Early bird till 20/12: 2100 NIS

Full price: 2350 NIS

Non refundable registration fee (included in the price): 300 NIS

Cancellation policy (exluding the registration fee):

Till 10/1 FULL refund

Till 10/2 50% Refund

Till 25/2 25% Refund

After 25/2- no refund 

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