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Practic-in(g) your nature- Greece retreat
Practic-in(g) your nature- Greece retreat

יום ד׳, 29 בספט׳


כריתים, יוון

Practic-in(g) your nature- Greece retreat

הרישום נסגר
אירועים אחרים

זמן ומיקום

29 בספט׳ 2021, 16:00 – 03 באוק׳ 2021, 20:00

כריתים, יוון, Crete, Greece

פרטי האירוע

Very excited towards this special retreat, which offers an opportunity to slow down, dive deeper into the practice, reconnect to the powerful nature, and nourish your body and soul with the beautiful gifts of yoga, dharma and nature.

The practice will be constituted of body, mind and heart alignment.

Body- The asanas lessons will include anatomical explanations and embodiment in order to help you build accurate and beneficial practice.

Mind- The talks, philosophy and meditation practices will be based on mindfulness and buddhist wisdom.

Heart- We will experiment with different practices to widen our consciousness and open our heart, with the help of the greatest teacher of all- the beautiful nature.

I will lead the retreat together with my very good friend and brilliant teacher, Marlene. You can find more details about her here

For us, the most important and enjoyable part of teaching is to assist you in finding a personal, therapeutic and beneficial practice that suits you. We will guide you and give space for all the questions you have, taking advantage of the opportunity to connect to everyone individually.

For 5 days, with a small group of people, we will enjoy the surroundings of a very special, almost untouched, nature oasis. Surrounded by ancient olive trees, the mountains and the sea, we will recalibrate our nervous system, reconnect to nature, detach from our digital personas and come together as a group. We will have the opportunity to practice, meditate, hike, explore, bath in waterfalls, hug trees and swim in the sea.

Each day will look different - one example:

Sunrise Meditation

Physical practice and breath work


Free Exploration and tuning in to nature

Restorative practice and meditation


Pricing: The prices include accomodation, transportation from Crete ariport and back, all classes and activities, and vegan nutritious meals.

Early bird registration until 20/8.

Basic accommodation (Shared by 3): early bird 420€, full price 490€

Basic accommodation (Shared by 2):  early bird 470€, full price 550€

Luxurious accommodation (Shared by 2):  early bird 520€, full price 600€


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